Assessing cultural risks within organisations

RealControls is unique and cannot be compared to other tools, simply because there are no other real tools available that chart cultural risks and ineffective behaviour within an organisation. RealControls can be applied quickly without great organisational efforts, and does not require a new skills set. RealControls thereby offers organisations the possibility to benchmark subcultures and risks, internally as well as externally.

People and organisations do not have the same objectives by nature: people seek happiness and satisfaction, and have their own interests. Organisations want commitment, maximum performance and involvement. The challenge for management of an organisation is to find the ideal balance, where people can flourish and the organisation can achieve its objectives. An organisation consists of several teams and sections with different subcultures, each with their own specific strengths and weaknesses.

RealControls is based on more than 25 years of global experience in measuring culture & values combined with scientific research of Change and Control. RealControls offers unique essential insights in addition to financial information. Results can be aggregated at each level, but have a special significance at team level. After all, this is the level at which people form peer groups where ineffective and risk behaviour starts.

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RealControls is a product of GetGo bv, a company based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) in the Netherlands

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